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prosecution has filed an arrest warrant for three officials from the Ministry of Industry in connection with the investigation of the Wolseong nuclear power plant.

Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol showed a willingness to push ahead with the investigation that could lead to the Blue House in the future.

Reporter Bae Jun-woo reports.

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Daejeon District Prosecutor's Office, investigating the suspicion of manipulating the economic feasibility of Wolseong Unit 1, requested an arrest warrant for three officials of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy yesterday afternoon (2nd).

In the warrant, it is known that three charges, including violation of the Audit and Inspection Service Act and damage to public electronic records, were reported.

It was only one day after Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol returned to his duties when the request for a nuclear power plant investigation warrant was approved.

They are accused of obstructing the audit of the auditor, including deleting 444 related materials during the audit process by the auditor.

President Seok-Yeol Yoon received a report on the nuclear power plant incident from the Anti-Corruption Department of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office yesterday and intensively reviewed whether a warrant was requested.

Earlier, in the middle of last month, when the Daejeon District Prosecutor's Office posted a report on the request for arrest warrants against officials from the Ministry of Industry, President Yoon ordered a reinforcement investigation.

Concerns have also been raised about whether this will disrupt the investigation.

The Daejeon District Prosecutor's Office initially applied only the charge of interfering with the audit, and after receiving the instructions of President Yoon and reinforcing it, he requested a warrant on three charges.

During the review process yesterday, there was no great disagreement between President Yoon and the anti-corruption chief of the Great Sword, and it was reported that Yoon immediately approved it.