The number of people who saw the SAT on the 3rd today was 426,000, the lowest ever.

It is analyzed that there were many candidates who applied for university-specific screenings this year, who skipped the SAT at all because they were worried about the corona, and instead selected only documents, interviews, and essay writing.

Therefore, the absenteeism rate was the highest in history based on the first class, and as the number of people who took the SAT decreases, the competition over the grades later becomes more intense.

And from tomorrow, the essay writing and interview by college will begin immediately. Unlike the SAT, a confirmed person cannot take the college-specific exam.

Therefore, please refrain from meetings, appointments, and eating out a little more and take good care of your health.

This is Han Ji-yeon.

<Reporter> For

the first time in history, the SAT was held in the midst of a massive infectious disease.

For a moment, the test takers are worried about the university-specific exams that will continue from tomorrow, even when they feel that they have finished the exams that are similar to last year's or that they were somewhat plain.

[Recently, Geun-ho/Testee: I have to go home and do a false grading, check if the essay is the lowest, and study essay writing.

It's not over even if it's over.

I can't even play anymore.] This

is the schedule for major colleges and universities.

Starting with Soongsil University tomorrow, there are 9 universities including Sungkyunkwan University the day after tomorrow, and 6 universities including Sogang University on the 6th.

The schedule is tight until the 20th.

Looking at the essay exam schedule of a high school 3rd student, they take the exam for three consecutive days, of which one day is a strong march that takes two hours each in the morning and afternoon.

[Parents of test takers: (to increase physical strength) I fed red ginseng or something like this, but I have to go home and take it on Sunday morning, and then come and go home again in the afternoon.

I think he has a lot of physical strength again.] I

have a bigger worry.

During the SAT, even confirmed candidates were able to take the exam, but they cannot take the exams for each university.

[High School 3: If it is confirmed, then you will not be able to take the essay test at all.

You have to force yourself to do luck.

The kids are all trembling because of that…

.] The

Ministry of Education said that it would be difficult to provide a comprehensive opportunity for confirmed candidates because of the different entrance examinations for each university. However, for self-isolated students, the Ministry of Education said that it would consult with universities to ensure the best possible opportunity to take the test.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, Kim Nam-sung, Choi Woo-woong, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, VJ: Shin So-young)   

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