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order to secure the Corona 19 vaccine, the Korean government is currently negotiating with global pharmaceutical companies at the end.

The details are expected to be announced around next week, but our authorities said that pharmaceutical companies are demanding that they take no legal responsibility for any side effects of the vaccine.

This is Nam Joo-hyun.


Health authorities are currently promoting the purchase of a COVID-19 vaccine from at least five global pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca and NovaVax, Pfizer and Modena, and Johnson & Johnson.

We also secured a budget of KRW 1.3 trillion, including KRW 36 billion this year and KRW 900 billion next year, to introduce 44 million people, or 85% of the total population.

The amount of vaccines from which companies will be announced will be announced about next week after the contract is completed, but it is known that the negotiations have been delayed somewhat as pharmaceutical companies demanded immunity from side effects of the vaccine.

[Lee Sang-won / Director of Epidemiological Investigation and Analysis, Central Defense Response Headquarters: I know that the request for exemption is being requested in common not only in Korea but also in all countries.] It

usually takes more than 10 years from vaccine development to verification, but under the special circumstances of Corona 19 This is because, as they shortened this period to about one year, concerns about efficacy and safety increased.

Rather than quickly supplying vaccines, pharmaceutical companies are hoping that governments will provide indemnification so that they are not liable for side effects.

The United States, Europe, and Australia already have a system that directly compensates the state for vaccination damage, or has introduced measures that the government asks if a victim wins against a pharmaceutical company.

With the prolonged corona19 epidemic in the winter, it is predicted that our health authorities are highly likely to accommodate the demands of global pharmaceutical companies to some extent.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Park Ji-in)  

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