The patient files of 243 million Brazilians were accessible for a time due to a mistake by the Ministry of Health,





The number of people affected exceeds the country's more than 212 million inhabitants.

According to the newspaper, this is because data of deceased persons was also in the database.

According to


the error was

in a COVID-19 registration system.

The password for the files was easy to find in the site code for six months.

Any user with some knowledge of internet browsers could find out the password and then crack it.

This would allow unauthorized access to, among other things, the full names, addresses and telephone numbers of the millions of Brazilians.

It is unclear whether that actually happened.

The data of President Jair Bolsonaro and other senior employees of the Brazilian government were included in the database.

In some cases, a special VIP status prevented the data from being exposed on the street.

The ministry has

informed Estadao

that the incident is being investigated.

The vulnerability in the system was fixed before the newspaper came out about it.