Choi Kang-wook, the representative of the Open Democratic Party, who was accused of promulgating false facts during the general election, asked the court to dismiss the prosecution, saying it was "selective prosecution with political intent."

At the second trial preparation date held at the hearing of the 21st Division of the Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Agreement (Judge Kim Mi-ri), the defendant said, "The defendant opposes the prosecution and intends to engage in legislative activities to insist on reform of the prosecution. Will be."

The lawyer also said, "The prosecution of this case on the premise that the defendant has been charged with obstructing business is by itself treating the defendant at a disadvantage," and "a method of prosecution against the principle of presumption of innocence under the constitution." Increased.

Choi appeared on a podcast during the general election in April and was charged with proclaiming that the internship confirmation was not true for being accused of falsely filling out the internship confirmation of the son of former Justice Minister Cho Kook.

Earlier, CEO Choi was handed over to trial for issuing a false internship confirmation.

However, Choi argues that Cho's son actually worked as an intern and issued a confirmation letter, but it is not false.

The prosecution refuted, "The fact of the prosecution has no choice but to be written so that a crime can be established."

Because the accused is not obligated to attend the trial preparation date, Choi did not appear in court today.

On January 27, next year, the court decided to hold a trial preparation period again to discuss the proceedings.

(Photo = Yonhap News)