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has changed the habits of the whole world and it will also change the concept of toys.

December is already here and Christmas is getting closer and closer.

Santa Claus

, the


and with them millions of children waiting for their long-awaited toys.

Toys that this year will also be marked by the




Virus Tester

(59.95 euros), a medical center that incorporates several dolls, which are infected with a virus very similar to the


, but in this case the smallest of the house can cure.

The toy not only consists of curing the dolls from the fearsome virus, but also has different areas, including

an analysis center

, another for reviewing results and an area where the child can treat the dolls with a

serum. special




blood extractor

, and even


to save the sick and not infect the rest.

The dolls can also pass quarantine and even already have a vaccine to prevent further infections.

A simulation of the


that has already made it one of the most requested toys this



However, although he is the only one born as a result of the


, he is not the only one who has adapted to the new reality.

Many other toys, well known to all, have also wanted to contribute their bit in an attempt to make the little ones see the new reality that the


has brought them normally


Thus, for example, one of the most traditional dolls, the famous


, now also wears a mask.

And board games are also adapting, like the

Covid Game


Although a few years ago the game called


became famous

, this year it was the turn of the

Covid Game

, a very similar game, but with the


as the protagonist.

This card game aims to get 4 vaccines while the rest of the players try to steal, destroy or infect.

"It is a game, which should not be taken as something real. We want to respect all those people who have suffered in one way or another from


" say its creators.

The idea of ​​these toys is not to downplay one of the worst


that the world has experienced, but to normalize certain habits that are already part of everyone, such as getting a



, assessing the importance of


or the simple fact of caring to others.

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