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If you are one of those who hates that the WhatsApp chat with co-workers and the chat you have with your best friends seem the same bottomless pit of dislikes because of the clone design of the application, congratulations, soon you will be able to change them to represent what that each symbolize.

WhatsApp has announced this Tuesday new functionalities to customize the design of each chat, individually, so that each one has its own wallpaper and can be better distinguished from the others.

In turn, it has introduced changes in the operation of the stickers, or stickers, if we use the name in English.

Although it may seem like a change without much sense for those who do not personalize anything, changing the wallpaper, according to WhatsApp, can help not to send a message that does not correspond to the chat where you are writing it.

Come on, so maybe no one else will send memes about politics in the chat with the family 'by mistake'.

The application will include a new selection of more colorful and differentiating wallpapers in an update, as well as a range of colors to make them more recognizable.

In addition to these changes, WhatsApp will include a search system for stickers on the keyboard, to make it easier to find them using text or emojis.

It will also be possible to search for them by common categories.

For this to work, WhatsApp has urged the sticker maker community to properly classify their creations so that users can find them better.

WhatsApp does not share figures of use of its characteristics, but since its introduction, the use of stickers / stickers has been abundant, favoring the download of apps to be able to easily edit them on the mobile, as well as services to create them or to download packages.

Despite these improvements, WhatsApp has many other new features to implement.

Among those that have already been announced and have not reached users' mobile phones, the power to configure messages to delete themselves after a certain time stands out.

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