Along with this court's decision, the Ministry of Justice's supervisory committee will be held on the morning of the 1st.

Depending on what recommendations are made, it seems that it will affect the deliberation of the Ministry of Justice disciplinary committee tomorrow.

Reporter Junwoo Bae reports this news.

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Supervisory Commission of the Ministry of Justice will be held from 10 am today to determine whether a request for inspection and disciplinary action against Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is appropriate.

The Ministry of Justice's supervisory committee is said to be held next week, but it was called urgently as members point out that it should be held before the Ministry of Justice disciplinary committee.

First of all, it is expected that the supervisory commissioners will point out the change of the supervisory commission's advice from'mandatory matters' to'optional' without any notice to the members.

In addition, we plan to focus on the suspicion of violation of procedures that have recently arisen in connection with the inspection of the Ministry of Justice.

In particular, we plan to confirm the suspicion that Prosecutor Lee Jeong-hwa, who was being dispatched to the Ministry of Justice, revealed that "the opinion that'the alleged abuse of President Yoon's ex officio has not been established' has been deleted."

Some members are also discussing recommending that the disciplinary committee's deliberation period be postponed.

Prosecutors and the Ministry of Justice continue to protest to withdraw the disciplinary action and investigation of President Yoon.

Acting prosecutor-general Cho Nam-gwan appealed to Minister Chu from Epros, the prosecution's internal network, to "take one step back for the cause of the prosecution reform."

About 10 people, including the head of the Ministry of Justice, also sent letters of protest to Minister Chu asking for reconsideration of the measures, and review meetings were held at all 59 front-line prosecutors' offices nationwide.