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Prosecutor General of the Ministry of Justice Yoon Seok-yeol is in progress.

Depending on what recommendations are made, it is likely to affect the deliberation of the Ministry of Justice's disciplinary committee tomorrow (2nd).

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Reporter Joon-Woo Bae, what are you discussing in the supervisory committee?


Yes, the Supervisory Commission of the Ministry of Justice for President Yoon Suk-yeol ended a while ago.

It lasted about two hours, and the prosecution committee, mostly external personnel, is an advisory body that reviews the appropriate disciplinary action and supervision against President Yun before the disciplinary committee was held in the Ministry of Justice.

On the 3rd of last month, the advisory regulations of the Supervisory Commission were changed from'mandatory matters' to'optional'.

The commissioners also intensively discussed the suspicion of violations of the procedures raised in relation to the Ministry of Justice's prosecution. In particular, the suspicion that Prosecutor Lee Jeong-hwa, who was dispatched to the Ministry of Justice, revealed that "the opinion that'the allegation of abuse of President Yoon's ex officio has not been established' has been deleted." It is known to have looked at it.

The Ministry of Justice said that there was no data deletion.

Attorney Wan-gyu Lee, the deputy of President Yoon's representative, appeared at the Prosecutors' Commission today and is known to have argued that this prosecution and discipline were illegal and unjust.

Inspectors of the Ministry of Justice are expected to consider whether to convene more, saying that sufficient discussion is necessary.

Although there is no coercion to the supervisory commission's recommendation, some members of the committee are also discussing delaying the disciplinary committee scheduled for tomorrow.