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fact that there was a helicopter fire during the May 18 Democratization Movement was overshadowed by a court in Gwangju after 40 years yesterday (30th).

The court sentenced Chun Doo-hwan, who testified that he had seen a helicopter fire, and called him a liar, with two years of probation.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun on the report.


Chun Doo-hwan, who attended the Gwangju court seven months after last April.

It was a silent answer to the pouring questions.

[Chun Doo-hwan: (Don't you admit responsibility for May 18?)…

.] The

trial, which lasted for two years and seven months, was about Jeon's charges of defamation of the dead, but the key issue was whether the martial law army actually fired a helicopter during the May 18 Democratization Movement.

The judge first admitted that in May 1980, there were two actual helicopter fires in downtown Gwangju.

I heard it based on military documents, martial law, and witness statements.

[Choi Hyeong-guk / May 21, 1980 Helicopter shooting witness (from helicopter corps): I clearly saw the machine gun fire red and fire.

(Machine gun) rotates like a Vulcan gun.] The

judge pointed out that "Mr. Jeon, at least inevitably, wrote the part in question while recognizing that his argument was false."

The court sentenced Mr. Chun to eight months in prison and two years probation.

[Fr. Cho Young-dae/the late Father Jobio's nephew: I am very fortunate that the conviction was convicted, and this is really a return to death.]

However, the court sentenced him to probation, saying that the ruling was only for defamation of a lion. They expressed regret for that.

[Kim Young-hoon, 5·18 surviving chairman: I wanted legal restraint, what do I do if I get probation?"

But even for a few days, I took him from the court to the Gwangju prison...


From the start of the trial, Mr. Jeon, who had slumbered with his head bowed, left Gwangju without any apology or reflection despite the court conviction.