Several citizens have rescued a woman who tried to make extreme choices while crossing a railing on a bridge in Gwangju.

When he saw his incarceration while driving, he ran away and grabbed him, struck him, and gave him warm comfort.

KBC reporter Park Seong-ho will tell you the situation at the time.

<Reporter> This is the

Gwangju Eodeung Bridge in the afternoon of the 22nd of last month.

Vehicles running ahead suddenly turn on emergency lights and begin to slow down.

A woman is seen trying to cross a bridge railing.




People start to get out of the car one by one, and the driver hastily approaches the woman.

Half of the woman's body has already crossed and the other leg is heading over the railing.

Instead of saying "thank you", the citizens who ran like my job responded with warm comfort to the crying "why did you dry it?"

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a man in despair is extremely A breathtaking moment when you try to make a choice.

Citizen heroes who have saved a precious life with little interest and warm comfort are giving a warm impression.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-il KBC)