In 2021, there will be a purchase subsidy for fully electric company cars, State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management Stientje van Veldhoven announced on Monday.

This should encourage entrepreneurs to switch to electric delivery vans.

The subsidy is equal to 10 percent of the new price of the van, with a maximum of 5,000 euros.

The vehicle must travel at least 100 kilometers on one battery charge and remain in the possession of the entrepreneur for at least three years.

"With this support in the purchase of a clean van, we kill two birds with one stone. Good for the clean air in our cities, and it will support entrepreneurs in the coming years to switch to an electric van. is more expensive to purchase, but cheaper to maintain and use, "says Van Veldhoven about the decision.

185 million euros will be reserved for the scheme over the next five years, starting with 22 million euros in 2021. The subsidy is available as long as there is money in the pot.

Earlier this year, the amount available for electric passenger cars had already been used up after eight days.

In the years that follow, the subsidy pot is replenished, but each time to a slightly lower amount.

Incidentally, entrepreneurs can also make use of the environmental investment allowance to further reduce the purchase price of an electric delivery van.

Research by TNO and consultancy firm CE Delft shows that approximately 75 percent of the kilometers traveled in cities are made by delivery vans.

In this way, delivery vans are responsible for about 50 percent of CO2 emissions in urban areas.