The court's interrogation to determine whether Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, who was excluded from his duties, will return or not, ended in about an hour.

The 4th administrative division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Deputy Judge Cho Mi-yeon) concluded the interrogation of the suspension of execution that President Yoon requested against Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae at around 12:10 pm today (30th).

The interrogation began today at 11 am.

In the interrogation of the suspension of execution, the parties are not obligated to appear in person, so President Yoon and Minister Chu did not appear in court.

Today's interrogation was conducted privately with lawyer Lee Wan-gyu (59, 22nd Judicial Research and Training Institute) attorney, attorney Lee Ok-hyung (50th/27th) attorney for Minister Chu, and law enforcement officer Park Eun-jung of the Ministry of Justice.

If the court cites the request, the order for exclusion from the job against President Yun will be temporarily suspended and he can return to his job. If dismissal or dismissal, the exclusion status will be maintained.

(Photo = Yonhap News)