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Busan, the number of corona patients continued to increase, resulting in a shortage of beds.

So, some of the confirmed cases were moved to other areas.

As a result, the city of Busan decided to actually raise the distance to three levels.

This is KNN reporter Minwook Kim.


11 new cases of Corona 19 occurred in Busan.

In Busan, 3 more confirmed cases related to the music room have been added, and the number of confirmed cases related to this music room has reached 120 so far.

In Busan, double-digit confirmed cases are coming out for six days, and yesterday (29th), there were 51 confirmed cases per day, breaking the record for the most confirmed cases per day since the corona crisis.

The hospital bed problem, which was concerned about the record number of confirmed patients every day, is becoming a reality.

Busan City moved 20 people, including those from Geumjeong High School, to Daegu Dongsan Hospital, but this is the first time to transfer a confirmed person to another area due to the lack of beds.

The number of confirmed cases from Busan Port is also increasing rapidly, with 22 crew members being collectively infected on a Russian ship arriving at Gamcheon Port on the 27th.

For this reason, the health authorities of Busan City have actually upgraded the distance from 0 o'clock tomorrow to the 3rd level from the 1.5 stage.

The health officials said they will use all administrative power for 72 hours until the SAT exam to contain the virus at the source.

[Byeonseongwan / Busan Mayor Acting: Let Im a determination that the blockade Corona for 72 hours through Dec. 3 SAT test three levels of government quarantine system fulfills the chongryeok to me today -

Health officials are almost all types of They said they would check compliance with quarantine rules by more than double the number of police officers in city, gu, and county, saying that the infection is exploding in the facility.

In fact, in Phase 3, restaurants are only allowed to pack and deliver after 9pm.

The cafe is only available for packaging and delivery throughout the entire business hours.

The academy is limited in number or must be open until 9 pm, and the reading room and study cafe are only open until 9 pm.

(Video coverage: Sungwook Jung KNN)   

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