Deputy Prosecutor Cho Nam-gwan, who is acting as the prosecutor general, asked Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae to withdraw from the suspension of his duties, saying, "Please step back" on the morning of the 30th.

In an article posted on the prosecution's internal network, Deputy Deputy General Cho said, "I dare to say that the minister's dedication and aspiration for reform is on the verge of being destroyed by this measure."

"If this measure proceeds as it is, it will not win the hearts of the members of the prosecution, but rather lead to hostility, and the prosecution reform that the Moon Jae-in administration has been pursuing as a top priority state affair has lost the driving force, and both the justification and practicality have been lost. "There may be a crisis situation of desperate despair, throwing away and going back in vain."

"Most prosecutors, including me, are convinced that the president has not committed a serious misconduct or crime that has failed to fulfill his term of office and was disgracefully expelled," he said.

We agree with Minister Chu's will to reform the prosecution, but this disposition is illegal and unjust.

He also stressed, "We all agree that the President has raised the ball high by strictly handling it according to laws and principles without discrimination, whether living or dying, to maintain political neutrality."

Deputy General Cho Nam-gwan also mentioned that the prosecution's organization could collapse and the prosecution's political neutrality could be compromised.

"As long as the Minister continues to maintain this action, the final judgment will be made in the court. Too much time and effort will be wasted, and the prosecution organization will be shredded in the process."

He warned, "If the term of office is not guaranteed and the prosecution's political neutrality and independence fall, we can commit a serious mistake that makes the prosecution a maid of power."

Deputy General Cho served as the Prosecutor General of the Ministry of Justice under Minister Chu and was promoted to the High Prosecutor's Office in August and is in charge of the Deputy Prosecutor General.

(Photo = Yonhap News)