Last month, I told you that a 16-month-old baby died due to parental abuse.Three times, although there were reports of suspected abuse, they were sent back to their parents because no evidence of abuse was found. , Immediately separating from guardians is promoted.

This is Hong Young-jae.


Reports of suspected abuse of Miss A, who died last month after 16 months, have already started five months ago.

There have been three reports of bruising on the child's body or leaving the child alone in the car.

Each time the police and child protection agencies returned the child to the parents without finding evidence of abuse.

Under the current Child Abuse Penalty Act, the victim is quarantined and protected if the possibility of abuse is high.

It is pointed out that communication is difficult because she is too young like Ms. A, and that if her parents strongly deny it, she responds passively.

The police have come up with a remedy to actively segregate abused children from parents.

If bruises and wounds are found on the body of a child who has received two reports of suspected abuse within a year, a method to immediately separate the child from the guardian without a local government decision is introduced through a law revision.

Regardless of the reporting period, first aid measures have been required for the second report of suspected abuse.

[Baeseongjin / Police Children and Youth investigation Instrumentation: First Aid There is to be an emergency measure if the need for child victims protection standards that still gonna suggesting a judgment about when danger imminent striking a little active -

Police in the future of the child victims neighbors We decided to meet with people around us, such as medical staff and childcare workers, to investigate whether there were any suspicions of child abuse.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee)