Douglas, the first digital autonomous human -


Special effects company Digital Domain has unveiled Douglas, the first autonomous digital human.

Physically, he is a perfect digital copy of Doug Roble, Scientific Director at the American company, but behaves in a completely autonomous manner which can have a little scary side.

Thanks to machine-learning, double digital is indeed able to automatically adopt facial and verbal expressions according to the interactions it has had with human interlocutors.

He reacts in real time to what is happening.

"Wherever you go, there are virtual assistants, chatbots and other forms of communication based on artificial intelligence to interact with real people," said Darren Hendler, CEO of special effects company Digital Domain.

“More and more companies are deciding to go beyond simple voice interactions and will need photorealistic humans with appropriate behaviors: this is where Douglas comes in.


Ready for his first job

At the moment, Douglas still has several flaws and he's quite far from being a perfect self-sufficient digital human, but he's still very convincing nonetheless.

The result is indeed stunning and the illusion could become perfect within a few more years of development.

The American special effects company, which still has James Cameron as a co-founder and who has worked on



Avengers: Infinity War

, still plans to market Douglas to interested companies as early as next year.

Douglas could thus be used during remote medical consultations or be found on billboards, enough to give life to certain science fiction films.

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