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You've probably seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or in a WhatsApp chat.

Because intoxes increasingly rub shoulders with real news, writing 

20 Minutes

 helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory for our European neighbors?

“20 Minutes” offers you an overview of the positions of our European neighbors on the advisability of making vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory or not.

2. No, these gendarmes did not remove their helmets in support of the demonstrators

Many Internet users believed that mobile gendarmes had removed their helmets in support of demonstrators against the proposed law on "global security", Saturday in Paris.

In reality, this is part of a logic of “de-escalation of violence”.

3. The forces of order which strike their shields in rhythm, a usual technique of maintaining order?

This technique is common in law enforcement.

4. Advice from three experts on responding to a loved one seduced by conspiracy theories

Appealing to critical thinking, using humor and adapting to your interlocutor are part of their recommendations.

5. Do schools refuse to consider pupils who have worked with classmates who test positive as “contact cases”?

The health protocol of Education provides that staff and students do not constitute "contact cases" if they wore a mask near the positive student, if the latter was himself masked.

6. Would a Danish study show that wearing a mask is unnecessary?

Be careful!

The authors of the Danmask-19 study, published in the

Annals of Internal Medicine


 last week, point out that its results are not "significant".

20 Minutes

  takes stock.

7. An identification number assigned to "Muslim children" attending school?

It's wrong

In its bill against "separatism", the government wants to extend the allocation of a national identification number, says INE, to all children of school age.

8. Does the Trump tax make Bordeaux wines sold in the United States stronger in alcohol?

For a year now, Bordeaux that go across the Atlantic have been much stronger in alcohol, but that does not mean that Bordeaux winegrowers are making stronger wines.

9. Like Emmanuel Macron, Marlène Schiappa has opened a TikTok account

Her first video, in which the Minister Delegate launches: "Hi, young entrepreneur", surprised Internet users, who questioned its authenticity.

10. No, this teen was not kicked out of a Melbourne pub for not wearing a mask

Images of a teenager being evicted from a bar in Australia have gone viral.

However, if the young man was turned away, it is not because he was not wearing a mask.

11. George Soros "arrested in Philadelphia for electoral interference"?

Beware of intoxication!

The “arrest” of the American financier was announced by Your News Wire, an unreliable site.

12. No, Action supermarkets do not offer € 140 in vouchers.

It's a scam!

A form relayed on Facebook claims to offer € 140 in vouchers in the supermarkets of the Action brand.

Beware, this is a (new) phishing attempt.

13. Disney accused of having been warned of the dates of confinement, return to a rumor

To discover in our new issue of "Oh my fake".

Bonus: A fact-check from our colleagues

Our Quebec colleagues from Agence Science Presse wondered if banning plastic bags is effective for the environment.

The answer is complex, they explain.

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