Because of the Corona, restaurants and bars are closed at 9pm, so there may be some people who think they will not regulate drinking.

Because of this misunderstanding, the police decided to crack down on alcohol on a daily basis for the time being.

When we went to a drinking crackdown on the 27th night of last night, there were still quite a few people driving cars while drunk.

This is Kim Sang-min.


Last night, around 8:30, this is a crossroad in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.

Traffic police officers in uniforms are cracking down on drinking.

The hand holds a non-contact, rod-shaped detector developed to prevent corona infection.

It is a device that primarily determines whether the driver is drinking alcohol by detecting the alcohol content in the air inside the vehicle.

If alcohol is present in this test, the driver must get out of the car and take a blood alcohol level measurement.

[Police: More, more, moreā€¦




[Drinking driver: Oh, I will turn it.] This

is the number of license suspension.

[Drinking driver: I didn't drink much.

I drank two glasses of soju, but this figure comes out.]

After a while, the police officers move to Cheongdam-dong.

A man riding an electric kickboard, which has recently increased in number of users, was caught drinking alcohol.

[0.078 came out.

This is the'license suspension' figure.]

At the same time, near Hongik University in Seoul, the man who admitted to drunk and drove, repeatedly fails to measure.

[Police A: It's not blocked with a tongue.]

[Police B: This can only be


.] The

result came after the sixth attempt when the police officer warned that if the measurement was rejected, it could result in aggravated punishment.

This is the number of license cancellations.

[115(0.115) came out, figures.] From

the beginning of this year to the end of October

, the total number

of drunk traffic accidents in Seoul totaled 1,920, up 8.5% from the same period last year.

The police, who saw that there is a widespread misconception that there is no drinking crackdown, said they would continue the crackdown every day until January next year.

We plan to implement emergency crackdowns on hangover driving in the morning and drunk driving during the day.