• Internet: the great farce of influencers: the dark side of the millionaire business of posturing

Like so many other sectors, the hospitality industry is going through a very delicate moment due to the restrictions that administrations have imposed on its activity to try to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Such a critical situation, however, has not ended with the



Here's an example:

The Twitter account of the Topik restaurant in Barcelona this Friday uploaded this message in which it made public the offer that it had received from "Roberta and Mikel", a self-defined couple as "gastronomy influencers".

The message, in which the name of the account from which it was sent was covered, reminds the restaurant of the importance of "having visibility on social networks" to "get customers."

"Having your restaurant on our profile is a great opportunity to attract a new clientele (sic)", they add.

Roberta and Mikel, continue, have thought to "advertise" the restaurant "by uploading a post with different photos and different stories and an article" on their blog but, of course, they ask for something in return: "In exchange, invite us to eat your best dishes".

Topik has also published his response to these "gastronomy influencers", in which he regrets his "lack of empathy" to be able to give him that nose at a time like this: "We have been losing € 50 thousand since March, ¿ Do you think I still want to invite someone? I have my workers in ERTE without charging, a little please, no? ".

The message was commented on by many Twitter users, some as illustrious as the restaurateur Javier Oyarbide:

Others, on the other hand, sided with Roberta and Mikel:

But, as usually happens in cases like this, and thankfully, the humor came out:

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