The Supreme Prosecutors' Office said that the investigation and seizure of the investigation information office in relation to the allegations of'Illegal Inspection of the Court of Justice' was carried out in accordance with the procedures after receiving the investigation data from the Ministry of Justice.

The Supreme Prosecutor's Office, through a text message distributed to the media today (28th), said, "As a result of reviewing the investigation reference materials from the Ministry of Justice, it was determined that it was necessary to promptly secure the data related to the crime, and was issued a warrant for seizure and expedited execution. It will be.

He then refuted the preliminary vice-principal theory with the Ministry of Justice, saying, "It is not to proceed with the investigation by knowing the briefing of the Minister of Justice and the contents of the briefing in advance and communicating in advance."

The Prosecutors' Office also dismissed the command of the Ministry of Justice at the time of the seizure search, saying, "When I made a brief report on the occurrence of an incident to the Ministry of Justice according to the Prosecutor's Report Service Rules, the officials of the Ministry of Justice asked the specific situation and explained the details."

Regarding the opinion of the exclusion of the team leader of the prosecution department who opposes the seizure and search, he explained that he respected his intention after receiving the reply that he would not participate after being asked to freely decide whether to participate in the seizure search.

The Supreme Prosecutor's Office confiscated and searched the Office of the Investigation Information Office, which prepared relevant documents to investigate the suspicion of ``Illegal Inspection of the Court of Justice'' presented as one of the grounds for disposition on the 25th, the day after Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae gave a disciplinary request to Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol and a briefing for exclusion from duties. I did.

(Photo = Yonhap News)