A ruling was issued that held the hospital responsible for compensation, claiming that the patient was killed by not properly checking the surgical site and not performing follow-up measures in time.

In a lawsuit for damages filed against the hospital by the surviving family of Mr. A who died after the operation, the Ulsan District Law Department of Civil Affairs 11 raised the hand of the bereaved family to pay 32 million won worth to A's father and mother.

A, who was in her 20s, was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer at a general hospital in Chungnam in 2018 and underwent cholecystectomy.

After the operation, a bile leak occurred in Mr. A's body, and the hospital administered antibiotics, but the leakage did not decrease, and the hospital found that the common bile duct was amputated through examination after about two weeks.

A complained of abdominal pain caused by a bile leak, so the hospital had two more operations thereafter, and A, whose symptoms did not improve, was transferred to another hospital for treatment and died two months later.

At the time, the judiciary had to properly check the patient's condition and the area to be operated on, but it was determined that the hospital neglected and had amputated the general officer.

In addition, even after the hospital knew that the general manager was damaged, it was confirmed that the procedure to prevent complications was performed only after 13 days had passed.

The judge ruled, "It is reasonable to see that the damage to Mr. A is due to the negligence of the medical staff not properly checking the target area during the surgery," and said, "Pay alimony and funeral expenses to the survivors."