Taking your own football club to great heights, the smartphone version of a much-loved game and hiking, but just a little bit different.

These are this week's apps.

Football Manager

Are you one of the seventeen million national coaches in the Netherlands?


Football Manager 2021 you

will find out whether your football wisdom also works in real life.

As you may expect based on the name, you are at the helm of your own team in this game.

From making the line-up, devising tactics, mapping out specific running routes for certain players to implementing substitutions: you are the manager who turns the buttons.

There are more than sixty different leagues (including the Eredivisie) from 24 countries in

Football Manager

, so there is always a challenge lurking somewhere for you.

Unlike the popular



Football Manager

focuses strictly on coaching a football team.

You do not control the team yourself, but take a helicopter view.

Download Football Manager 2021 for Android and iOS (9.99 euros)


In Corona times, walking has become the national hobby.

Off-Track is an initiative that turns an ordinary 'block around' into a total experience by adding music.

This music is written and composed by the creator of the project and adjusts automatically based on the route you walk.

In Off-Track you can choose to walk your own route or follow a mapped path.

The latter option currently only works in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Off-Track is currently in the testing phase and is therefore not yet available in the app stores.

Instead, you open Off-Track in your phone's browser, indicate how long or which route you want to walk, put in earplugs and press start.

Open Off-Track on your smartphone (free)


The beloved console and PC game


has been playable on the iPhone and iPad since this week.

In this game you take on the role of an adventurous shopkeeper who has a very special purchasing method.

He does not order his things from wholesalers, but takes them from dark dungeons.

This is not easy, because to get this coveted stuff you have to work your way through hordes of enemies.

The further you get in the game, the better your rivals become.

To survive the dungeons, you must therefore be agile, strike tactically and try to avoid attacks.


Moonlighter has

a very strong story, in which the punch line becomes a bit clearer per defeated boss.

Moreover, the game plays wonderfully thanks to the good touchscreen operation.

It is a pity that you cannot connect a controller to play on your iPad, for example.

The Android version of

Moonlighter will

follow later.

Download Moonlighter on iOS (12.99 euros)