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The Redmond firm is preparing to introduce Android applications to the Microsoft Store, says Windows Central.

In this way, Windows users could run Android apps natively on Windows 10.

Little else is known, except that it could materialize in the course of next year.

As to exactly how is Microsoft going to make Android apps compatible on Windows 10?

Will all apps be available from the Microsoft Store?

If not, what will make sure that this or that app can join the Microsoft app store?


Exchange of good practices

At present, it is already possible to take advantage of several Android applications on Windows thanks to emulators.

Microsoft also offers an application - Your Phone - which allows you to view your smartphone on Windows 10 and launch various applications.

A partnership with Samsung also allows Android apps to be streamed on Windows 10 as long as the smartphone and the computer or tablet are connected to the same wifi network.

But if the project to offer Android apps directly on the Microsoft Store comes to fruition, it could make it easier for all owners of Android smartphones to use.

Beyond Android applications, the year 2021 should be crucial for Windows 10 since Microsoft is expected to make many changes to its interface, but also to the design.

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