Today (28th) It was the first weekend after the second phase of the Seoul metropolitan area was implemented, and downtown Seoul was on the busy side and the airport was crowded with tourists.

The last weekend of November also flowed in the corona.

Reporter Sohee Han looked around.


A department store in Seoul is busy on weekend afternoons, but it is busy except for a few stores.

[Kim Ye-jin/Seoul Gangseo-gu: There are certainly not many people, and even though I came in to park, there are lots of parking spaces...


Even in the department store restaurant area, empty seats are noticeable.

You can't eat food in the cinema, and movie theaters where you have to sit down one by one are also sleek.

[Guests at the cinema store: I didn't see a movie and only bought popcorn (I bought it.) Then I asked if I could eat it in the hall here (I asked and bought it.)]

Unlike the busy city center, the airport was crowded with domestic tourists.

From group travelers with heart-shaped hair ornaments to those who visit the airport with babies.

The airport waiting area is full.

[Daejeon/Seongnam City, Gyeonggi: I'm going to meet my friends, but it's a coronavirus situation, but I haven't been able to see it for too long and it's been delayed, so I want to see it before the end of the year... .]

Most of the quarantine rules were followed, but there were also fast food restaurants, escalators, and other places where distance was difficult to keep.

Unlike cafes, it was classified as a restaurant, and customers lined up only at businesses that could use the store.

[Hyunmin Choi/Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: Comic cafes still have individual spaces and there are few things to encounter with people... .]

[And Yoon Jin / manga cafe staff: do sales, food panya, you got to eat, and something that continues not until 11 pm Bring a lot of these calls.

Positioning quarantine authorities, saying the reality is the third way of the metropolitan center of all streets I emphasized to join us.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Kim Jong-mi)