He wrote about this on his Twitter.

“Of course, some of the ISS modules have significantly exceeded their established service life (15 years), and we are monitoring their technical condition.

But I think it's too early to write off the station, ”Rogozin wrote.

He also stated that he sees great potential for the ISS for the development of space tourism and the participation of private space companies.

“We will discuss all this from the beginning of next year,” he said.

Rogozin confirmed that Russian enterprises are developing a concept for a multifunctional station.

Rogozin specified that it could be "national or, alternatively, with international participation."

“It should have the functions of repairing and refueling space complexes and become a kind of space launch complex for long-distance expedition ships,” Rogozin said.

Earlier, RSC Energia warned of disruptions in the operation of the ISS after 2025.