A highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) suspicious livestock occurred at a broiler duck farm in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced yesterday that the H5 type AI antigen was detected as a result of a pre-shipment test on the ducks in the farm at the Jeonbuk Animal Sanitation Laboratory on the 26th.

High pathogenicity is being investigated.

The farm is raising about 19,000 broiler ducks, and there are 6 poultry farms within a 3km radius and 60 within 3-10km.

Recently, highly pathogenic AI has been confirmed one after another in wild birds, but it has not yet appeared in poultry farms.

This is the first time that a suspicious case of highly pathogenicity has emerged from a poultry farm this year.

Upon detection of the antigen, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food immediately dispatched an initial response team to the site to take preemptive quarantine measures such as access control, preventive killing and epidemiological investigations.

In addition, a livestock quarantine council was held and an order was issued to suspend movements nationwide.

The temporary suspension order is applied to poultry farms, livestock facilities, and livestock vehicles nationwide for 48 hours from 0 o'clock on the 28th.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food will form a central inspection team during this period to check whether farms, facilities, and vehicles are in compliance with orders, and disinfect poultry farms, migratory birds, and livestock facilities and vehicles nationwide.

In particular, the migratory bird arrival sites, roads and farms near the farm where the suspected livestock occurred this time will mobilize all available resources such as wide-area control units and control helicopters to disinfect them.

(Photo = Yonhap News)