It features a spacious cabin and advanced technology

Nissan Xterra 2021 arrives in the Middle East market

  • The X-Terra derived many of its exterior touches from the Nissan Patrol.

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Nissan Middle East has strengthened its presence in the region’s markets in the multi-use sports car category, by unveiling, finally, the 2021 model year of the X-Terra SUV, in a model that came with a bold design, spacious cabin and advanced technologies.

The X-Terra 2021 builds on the 70-year experience of Nissan engineers in the field of SUV industry, in a model that reflects the development of the SUV sector suitable for adventure, and the growing consumer demand for owning vehicles that provide a mixture of performance coupled with design The bold, spacious cabin, designed to provide the highest levels of comfort, along with the exceptional driving experience the car offers, gives the driver the confidence required in embarking on adventures on potential paths and terrain.

The "X-Terra" took many of its exterior touches, from the larger model "Nissan Patrol", and stands out with a front grille with a "V-Motion" signature, with a thick frame and tilted columns of luxurious chrome, supported by an entirely new design for the LED headlights. A tall hood and a wide body structure highlight the capabilities of the adventure car.

The design touches derived from the "Patrol" continued to be present in the rear end, with "LED" lamps with a wide structure, wide and huge lines in each of the structure of the door for the luggage compartment, the rear bumper and the lower bumper, as well as obtaining luxurious touches of chrome inlays.

The «Nissan» cabin of its new car, a wide package of high-quality and soft-touch elements, with a horizontal design that reflects the concept of spaciousness that the car has come to enjoy, and stands out with a dashboard with a design structure based on the broad and extending horizontal lines of the side doors. From nine inches, large and easy-to-use controls for audio and ventilation functions.

Chassis and suspension systems

The new X-Terra is equipped with a chassis structure that provides a mixture of flexibility and rigidity together, through the car's access to a five-link rear suspension system, based on a solid axle, which guarantees a ground clearance (height of the car's bottom from the ground) of 244 millimeters, in An integrated architecture that contributes to a comfortable off-road driving experience, without compromising the required concepts of strength and durability.