Bugatti launches "Le Legend de Ciel", with a starting price of $ 3.4 million

"Le Legend de Ciel" features a hood inspired by the exterior color of the aircraft.

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Bugatti launched a special version of its Chiron model, named "Le Legend de Ciel" after "Legends of Sky". In a limited-edition version, its production was limited to 20 copies only, with the price of one copy starting at 3.4 million dollars (12.5 million dollars). Million Dirhams), excluding taxes.

"Le Legend de Ciel" comes with the "Gris Serpent" package, which includes a hood inspired by the exterior color of the planes, in the 1920s, and a bright white ribbon extending in the middle from the hood to the rear wing, in addition to blue, white and red colors after the French flag. On the front area, on the carbon fiber sills, and on the special emblem on the front wheel guards.

The cabin was clad with "Siron" natural leather, inspired by the leather cladding of warplanes in the early years of the last century. The aluminum trim provides a distinctive contrast, with the headrests adorned with the "Le Legend de Ciel" logo.

The hood, made of black carbon fiber, conceals a massive 16-cylinder engine, with a capacity of eight liters, and is boosted by four turbochargers, which guarantee 1500 horsepower and 1600 Nm of maximum torque. Stability and reaching a speed of 100 kilometers per hour within 2.5 seconds, while the top speed of the car stands at 420 kilometers (electronically limited).