● Police confirm the identity of Jo Joo-bin-Handwritten signature "Cho Joo-bin/ 95 years.XX month.XX day" The

contents of the investigator's list are as follows.

▲ Jo Joo Bin 95.XX.XX (Date of Birth) It

was the name and date of

birth written by Jo Joo Bin himself

, who expressed his consent to the signing campaign.

It was the moment when the identity of'Doctor' Jo Joo-bin was revealed for the first time.

Of course, even the police couldn't determine whether he was a'doctor' just because he was the man he met.

However, I couldn't even ask Jo Joo-bin if he was a'Doctor' to Mr. A, who didn't know that he was being investigated.

This is because there is a risk of escape or destruction of evidence.

However, through the name and date of birth on the list, it was confirmed that the man received a letter of appreciation from the Incheon Michuhall Police Station for reporting a voice phishing withdrawal plan in the past in Incheon.

Police receive warrants for seizure and search of email details based on the man's personal information.

There was nothing to doubt.

I went back to the origin.

We looked into whether or not this man named Jo Joo-bin was also present in the'raising the ranking of real-time search terms', which'Doctor' has always been instructing the participants of the sexual exploitation chat room.

'Doctor' mainly entangled the participants by inviting them to paid rooms or sharing their own sexual exploits when certain words appear on the portal site's real-time search terms.

If so, the police estimated that the'Doctor' himself would have participated in the word search on the portal site.

● As a

result of confirming

accumulated clues and



it was revealed that a man named Jo Joo-bin also actively participated in raising the ranking of real-time search terms.

We searched quite a few words, and the time zone we searched was also ahead of other participants.

Crucially, it was also revealed that Jo Joo-bin searched the portal for the courier invoice number several times to track shipments.

When I looked at what delivery service Jo Joo-bin was curious about, Jo Ju-bin, the'recipient', and the'sender', were Mr. A.

Mr. A met Jo Joo-bin in person or delivered the proceeds of the crime to Jo Joo-bin through a convenience store courier.

In addition, after the statements of the accomplices of'Doctor Bang' that were already captured, and after a few days of undercover investigation in Jo Joo-bin's residence in Michuhol-gu, Incheon, the police are convinced that Jo Joo-bin is a'Doctor.

● On the day of riding a bicycle with his father, Jo Joo-bin was arrested and

accused of accumulating one after another, and the police received an arrest warrant for Jo Joo-bin, a 25-year-old man.

March 16, 2020 at 10am.

About 10 Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency investigators gather on the road near the residential area of ​​Jo Ju-bin, Michuhol-gu, Incheon.

If I visit the house right away and knock on the door, I will try to destroy the evidence inside the house, so I will aim for the moment Jo Joo-bin goes out and enters again.

Jo Ju-bin came out of the house.

I dragged the bike and was with my father.

The investigators waited for Jo Joo-bin to ride his bicycle and return home.

The average temperature on this day is about 3 degrees Celsius.

It's pretty chilly because it's similar or lower than these days.

Did I wait about 5 hours?

At about 5 pm, Jo Joo-bin finally goes home with his father.

The investigator approached Jo Joo-bin.

Jo Joo-bin was cool.

He strongly denied, "I am not a'Doctor' who is an operator of Telegram sexual exploitation."

The police confiscated and searched the interior of the house and secured a mobile phone that Jo Joo-bin hid by the sofa and 130 million won in cash.

'Doctor' was thus arrested and the demon's life stopped.

Jo Joo-bin produced and disseminated sexual exploitation of 74 victims, including 16 children and adolescents, for six months before his arrest.

● "I am not a doctor" Jo


bin and Happening


Joo-bin, who were silent, continued to insist that they were not a'doctor

' right after they were arrested.

It is said that the police arrested Mr. A with him, but even Mr. A was not convinced that Jo Joo-bin was'Doctor'.

There was also an incident.

The day after Jo Joo-bin was arrested, there were two people caught even though they were not the main operator of'Park Sabang'.

This is Mr. Kim (28) and Mr. Lee (24), who conspired with Jo Joo-bin and deceived JTBC President Son Seok-hee and former Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun.

The police already knew of two people who were passing the proceeds of the crime.

I also knew that they conspired with Jo Joo-bin to cheat a reporter who runs a YouTube channel.

However, after the arrest, unexpected names of crimes against President Sohn Seok-hee and Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun came out.

The police first delayed receiving statements about President Son and Mayor Yoon for a few days, focusing on the'Park Sabang' case, but a week later Jo Joo-bin made a sudden remark, "I'm sorry for President Sohn Seok-hee and Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun" in front of the Seoul Jongno Police Station. I did.

There was no mention of apology for the victim, so I remember being embarrassed when watching live broadcasts.

These two were also sentenced to 1 year and 6 months imprisonment yesterday (26th) and 3 years probation at 1 year and 6 months respectively.

Another happening is Jo Joo-bin's self-harm commotion.

On the morning after his arrest, Jo Joo-bin was taken to the hospital for self-harm, such as trying to swallow a pen in a detention center at the Jongno Police Station in Seoul.

At the hospital that was transferred, the body temperature was over 37 degrees Celsius, showing suspected symptoms of Corona 19, causing a quarantine riot at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and Jongno Police Station.

Employees were even put in quarantine.

On March 25, Jo Joo-bin was exposed to the outside and put a cast on his neck and a band-aid on his head because of the disturbance of self-harm at this time.

● "It's just the beginning"

Telegram About a year after the sexual exploitation case was publicized, the sentence of the main criminal Jo Joo-bin was decided.

Even if Jo Joo-bin appears to be a blacksmith, it is only one of the 2,549 people arrested after the police set up a special digital sex crime investigation headquarters (as of November 12).

The Cyber ​​Safety Division investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, who was in charge of the'Park Sabang' case, has two team members specially advancing one rank each this year.

This is a rare case, but I think it is the result of being recognized for its merit.

In addition to the investigative team in charge, investigators belonging to the Cyber ​​Safety Division of each local police agency including Seoul are still rounding the country at the end of November, arresting paid and free members of Room n and Doctorate Room.

In this way, it is constantly being regenerated with another nth room and doctoral room in the case of a large-scale investigation and legal judgment on those involved in the production and distribution of sexual exploitation.

This is why the state agency, which is responsible for preventing crime and condemning criminals, can never stop doing this, as those who still blame themselves and are unable to complain of damage are crouched.

Therefore, the closing of the report file will be replaced with the motto proposed by the Telegram Joint Committee on Sexual Exploitation yesterday.

<"The telegram sexual exploitation is over, it is only the beginning">

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