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so far, President Yoon Suk-yeol strongly denies the allegations of the judicial inspection, and Minister Choo Mi-ae requested an investigation to the Supreme Prosecutors' Office to investigate the suspicion.

It seems that this will be a key issue in the disciplinary committee to be held in the future and the court judgment, but reporter Won Jong-jin covered how the legal community sees this.


controversial part of the


document is the private information of the judges.

For former Minister Cho Kook, the fact that he belongs to the Korean Law Research Association, a group of progressive judges, and his family relations with the prosecution officers are written. There are cases of missed work due to.

One of the judges even says that he played in the basketball league when he was in college.

The prosecution is in a position that it has only grasped the propensity of the court based on the contents disclosed to respond to the trial.

In an article posted on the internal network, Prosecutor Cha Ho-dong, Daegu District Prosecutor's Office, argued that the level of discussion is different between the police or the NIS collecting personal information of judges and the prosecution, who is a party to the trial, collecting and analyzing the information of judges.

He also cited the American Attorney's Association data that the trial strategy and style should be tailored to the judge.

While the Supreme Prosecutors' Office of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office is investigating the'suspicion of the judge's inspection documents', the court officially maintains a cautious attitude.

However, some people are talking about what these private information has to do with the holding of public possessions.

Judge Jang Chang-guk, chief judge of the Jeju District Court, criticized the prosecution's documents and posted a post titled'Is the judge a fool?' and some judges commented on support.

Some judges also told SBS reporters that it was difficult to understand that the prosecutors had an attitude that it was natural for the judges to collect personal information.

Controversy in the legal community is expected to continue even if the document is obscured by the prosecution investigation and court proceedings commissioned by the Ministry of Justice.

(Video coverage: Kim Jong-woo)

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