• The Basque chef publishes a cookbook, 'Good cooking'

  • "I have nothing important left to do," he says.

Karlos Arguiñano has become accustomed to being a 'trending topic' without looking for it or wanting it.

"I pick onion and comment," he says slowly.

"I've been talking to myself for 4,000 hours, 1,500 television programs," he

reflects before going through makeup to record.

"If I talk about the pazo de Meirás and the Franco family, it's because people talk about it."

He does not seek to create controversy, he says, nor does he follow a script.

"I do not tell falsehoods or lies."

At 77, he is in top shape.

"In the US, two candidates aged 74 and 78 have run for office. I say I can make some meatballs."

He takes out a book

, 'The good kitchen' (Planet), a kind of bible with 900 recipes from a lifetime "with the guarantee that they always turn out well."

The promotion is great.

-What have you been a pioneer in?

-In making simplicity reach all homes in the same way.

Let some empanadillas or a salmorejo reach everyone the same way.

And in many other things, because he was the first to jump into the television arena and has been on the air for more than 30 years with a peculiar style and it could be said that even simple -in the best of senses-.

"There are many television programs, but few are useful



He speaks without filters, which is very welcome.

"I don't get into so many puddles," he

says with a sense of humor.

"When I commented why they did so many Covid tests on footballers and not on health workers, because who doesn't think that."

If any of your spontaneous jokes, comments or jokes during the recording of the program see that it can cause more stir than necessary, your team will remedy it.

"I'll cut the onion again or whatever, period. No more discussion," he laughs.

At this point he assures that he has "nothing important to do".

-Are you more of giving or receiving advice?

-Of both.

I give many and generally simple.

And I admit that they tell me everything.

The Basque chef has learned to enjoy fame.

"I think there is no one who does not know me



He likes to talk about "mushrooms, the waves, the tides. I love fishing. And the noise of the sea."

He gets serious when he talks about two issues: childhood obesity and hunger.

"How it is possible that we look for water in Mars and in Africa they die of thirst. I do not get to understand it."

He likes to go to the market almost daily.

"The best compliment my grandmothers tell me is that I cook like them

and I love that."

Let's go back to childhood obesity.

"We have the Mediterranean diet as part of our culture and we are becoming American at the table. Precooked foods are not a good example; you have to go to seasonal produce."

Its pillars are clear.

-What is your strong point in front of the camera?

-That I try to make everything as simple as possible, with ingredients from walking around the house.

I think I am useful.

-What's the worst thing you've got from the Covid crisis?

-Not being able to hug my grandchildren, I am 11, nor my children (7).

He also misses

the weekly meal with his gang of lifelong friends


"We see how we are getting older and we laugh for a while."

He hasn't seen the 'Patria' series yet but says he hopes to.

"When all this calms down a bit I'll see her."

-Who would you sit at the table with?

- With Rafa Nadal and with a surgeon.

Surgeons attract my attention, they are extraordinary.

They deprive the pil pil of kokotxas

and this Christmas they will toast health.

"I have always thought that it is the most important thing and we are losing it screaming."

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