Suspicion of habitual sexual harassment by a male executive in a domestic corporation of French luxury fashion brand'Chanel' has been raised.

The Chanel Korea branch, a department store duty-free shop sales service union under the National Federation of Democratic Trade Unions (CTU), said on the 22nd that "A high-ranking executive at the headquarters of Chanel Korea has been reported to have been reported to be sexually harassed by Mr. A in his 40s and requested an investigation from the management."

According to the union, Mr. A has been sexually assaulting employees at the Chanel department store in Seoul for over 10 years.

There are only 12 victims who have come so far.

The management is known to have expressed its intention to "investigate sincerely," but the union insisted that when it first announced the facts, the management's attitude was not.

Rather, he made him write a'secret pledge' not to disclose the facts to the outside, and told A that he did not take any action.

Meanwhile, today (25th), one of the victims appeared on the CBS radio'Kim Hyun-jung's News Show' and revealed the fact of the damage in person.

The victim said,

"(sexual harassment) has been repeated every time like greetings

", "I wear a pod even when


shake hands", "I touch my shoulders and hands, but I feel a lot of fetishism, and I think,'How far are you touching the inside of your arm?'

I explained specific situations such as

"touched the bra strap and said that the nameplate was crooked and touched the chest"


"There may be more victims (more than 12 people), but others are trembling with fear, so they can't say anything," he said. "If you complain or rebel like you now, you will not only be forced to move personnel, but somehow harass and quit. I made it," he said.

Chanel Korea said, "The case investigation process is kept strictly confidential to protect everyone involved, whether it is the reporter or the respondent. In that sense, I hope that you will be aware that it is obligated to keep confidential rather than a confidentiality pledge. "I said.

In addition, he said, "The executives who have been identified as perpetrators are immediately excluded from store-related work and will take appropriate and reasonable actions through investigation."

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(Photo ='CHANEL Chanel' Facebook, Yonhap News)