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It has been a year since singer Goo Hara left us. The deceased left a lot of homework in our society, including dating assault, bad comments, illegal filming, and family inheritance. Among them, the issue of the inheritance qualifications of birth mothers raised over the inheritance after the death of the deceased led to a movement to revise the laws of our society. A bill that partially amends the civil law called the “Guhara Law”. This is to prevent relatives who have not fulfilled their parenting obligations from inheriting.

The situation was abandoned after sluggish discussions continued in the 20th National Assembly and reappeared in the 21st National Assembly. As the amendment of the law was sluggish, the second and third Goo Hara continued, and an incident took place by a birth mother who had been disconnected for 32 years with pensions and compensation for dead firefighters. 'The Goo Hara Law' legislative debate is rising again.

Can the homework that the deceased left behind, this homework that has not been solved even after a year have passed, can be solved at this National Assembly?