Researchers in Korea have stepped closer to nuclear fusion technology that generates energy from the sun.

Ultra-high plasma of 100 million degrees was maintained for 20 seconds.

No other country has ever succeeded.

Reporter Jeong Gu-hee will explain what it means.

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is KSTAR, a giant donut-shaped nuclear fusion device called the artificial sun.

When the device is activated, a purple mass of light is created in the interior space.

It is a'plasma' that emits light on the same principle as a fluorescent lamp.

Researchers in Korea have succeeded in raising the temperature of this plasma to 100 million degrees, which is seven times the temperature of the center of the sun, and maintaining it for 20 seconds.

To produce actual energy, plasma must be maintained for at least 300 seconds, but Korea is the only one in the world that has maintained it for more than 10 seconds.

Korea aims to maintain 300 seconds by 2025.

[Jin-il Jeong/KSTAR Research Center Team Leader: Unlike tokamak (nuclear fusion devices) around the world that did not cross the difficult wall of 10 seconds, it would be of great significance to overcome it.]

Nuclear fusion technology is twice as heavy as hydrogen and'deuterium' and 3 It uses the principle that neutrons with powerful energy pop out when combining the double heavy'tritium'.

You can use these neutrons to boil water to create water vapor to generate electricity.

One gram of fusion fuel produces electricity equivalent to 8 tons of oil.

Nuclear fusion power is a clean energy that does not have any greenhouse gases and no radioactive worries as it embodies the principle that the sun generates energy as it is.

Hydrogen can be obtained from seawater, and its resources are endless.

Currently, major countries such as Korea, the United States, Europe, and Russia are gathering together to jointly construct a nuclear fusion device for commercialization research.

If the device is successfully completed in 2025, it is predicted that by 2050 it will reach the stage where fusion energy can be used in real life.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-mi)