It is expected that more than 60 candidates who failed to take the secondary school teacher appointment test held on the 21st due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 group infection from Noryangjin Academy will respond to the group.

Yesterday (23rd), while the Ministry of Education and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Public Health Center conducted an on-site survey of the Noryangjin Appointment Examination Institute, the students of this academy who missed the opportunity to take the test after being diagnosed with Corona 19 collected cases of violations of the institute's quarantine regulations. It is reported that the Human Rights Committee is preparing a complaint.

Students are expected to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on the grounds that the educational authorities did not give the confirmed person an opportunity to take the appointment test.

The students said that because the school had neglected to comply with the quarantine regulations, they could not avoid group infection, and claimed that the school assistant did not restrain the students who did not wear masks on their chins or at all.

It was also argued that the instructor in charge of the class rejected the student's suggestion that an Internet lecture should be conducted instead of a large lecture.

The management of the academy said that it tried to comply with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities as much as possible. "We thoroughly ventilated every break and followed the guidelines for keeping students apart."

Regarding the lecturer who gave a large field lecture, he explained, "At the time, it was the point of the first stage of distance, and it seems that it was effective to conduct face-to-face classes with the test ahead.

However, the quarantine authorities said in a regular briefing on the 23rd, "In the case of Noryangjin Appointment Examination Academy, the space between the desks was narrow, and the students were gathered in one space for up to 2 hours and 30 minutes during the class. The airtight was also high due to poor ventilation. “We decided that the infection had spread due to the classroom environment.

In addition, it was confirmed that one of the students of this academy had taken the appointment test even though they were infected with Corona 19.

I had the test on the 20th, the day before the test, but the test result was notified late the day after the test was over, revealing that I was able to take the test normally.

The Ministry of Education announced that it would carry out the appointment test as scheduled even for the group infection of Noryangjin, and that "we will ensure that all test results of the test subjects are notified before the test."

The controversy over equity has also spread to the University Academic Ability Test, which has decided to give both the confirmed and self-quarantine the test opportunity, and Jung Eun-kyung, head of the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters, said, "We are still providing test opportunities to confirmed patients for other tests other than the SAT. "It's a difficult situation," we asked for understanding again.

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