A related agency has initiated an investigation into the actual condition of the Noryangjin Appointment Examination Academy in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, where a bunch of corona19 confirmed cases occurred one day before the middle school teacher appointment test.

In the Seoul area, there is a growing concern that the spread of Corona 19 from Noryangjin may affect the school site as there have been confirmed cases of academy for appointment among faculty members.

The Ministry of Education announced that it is conducting an on-site survey today (23rd) with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Dongjak-gu Office, Dongjak-gu Public Health Center, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, and Dongjak Education Support Office.

At the academy where test takers who were preparing for the physical education subject appointment test attended, 76 confirmed patients came out as of 0:00 yesterday (22nd).

Among them, 69 students were enrolled, and 67 of them, who decided to take the secondary school teacher appointment exam on the 21st, did not get the opportunity to take the exam.

Epidemiological investigators and ventilation experts will participate in the field investigation to intensively investigate the cause of the spread of COVID-19 infection at the institute and whether the institute adheres to quarantine regulations.

The Ministry of Education said that it will take strict legal measures, such as fines, accusations, and claims for right to indemnify under the'Infectious Disease Prevention Act' if it is found that the infection has spread due to the school's negligence in quarantine.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education announced that as of today's 0 o'clock, the number of confirmed corona 19 students and faculty members in Seoul increased by 29 from three days before the weekend (0 o'clock on the 20th).

There were 18 confirmed students and 11 confirmed by faculty.

In particular, 7 out of 11 confirmed faculty members were confirmed by the Noryangjin Appointment Academy related inspection on the 20th and 21st.

Schools in which these staff work have conducted tests on staff and students in contact with the school, and most have switched to remote classes.

(Photo = Yonhap News)