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0 o'clock on the 24th, the social distancing in the metropolitan area has been elevated to the second stage.

In addition to this, the city of Seoul declared a'period to stop ten million citizens' by the end of the year and decided to preemptively apply stronger quarantine standards.

Detailed news Reporter Yoo Su-hwan reports.

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Seoul, more than 100 new confirmed cases came out yesterday.

It was less than the 156 most infected people per day recorded on the 20th, but new confirmations of 100 people continued in six days.

In the sauna in Seocho-gu, 54 people have been tested positive so far, and group infections continue to be linked to everyday spaces.

The city of Seoul has decided to fully implement additional quarantine measures that go beyond the second stage of social distancing that is in effect today.

[Seo Jeong-hyeop/Seoul Mayor Authority: We will declare until the end of the year as an'Emergency Stopping Period for Ten Million Citizens', and we will take strong measures by preparing tweezers prevention measures.]

First of all, city buses and subways from 10:00 p.m. to reduce year-end meetings and night movements. Reduce the number of trips by 20%.

Even more than 10 people were banned again after a month.

Precision quarantine is conducted in the top 10 facilities with a large number of confirmed cases.

Religious facilities, call centers, distribution and logistics centers, nursing facilities and hospitals are the targets.

Churches and churches should reduce the number of worship services to 20%, but online worship is strongly recommended.

Visits to nursing home residents, and outings and overnight stays were prohibited, and the call center forced half of its employees to work from home.

In addition, when waiting in line or for packaged food in restaurants and cafes, you must keep a distance of 2 meters.