This happened in Ulsan as the real estate was so upset that it was said that the house price is going up when you wake up.

After signing a contract to sell the house, the price of the house continued to rise, and the landlord asked for more, but the buyer refused it.

Then the owner vacated the house, ripped off the wallpaper and sprinkled smelly fish sauce all over the place.

This is UBC Bae Yoon-joo.


Shoe cabinets and wardrobes, as well as bathtubs and bathroom floors, are sprinkled with odorous brown liquid.

This is none other than kanari fish sauce.

This is a scene where a newlywed couple who signed a contract for an apartment in Ulsan Innovation City paid the balance.

[Apartment Buyer: I poured Canari fish sauce on the ventilator cover and put it back in.

Looks like there's a yellow liquid...


There are also signs of being hit with tools on the walls and base.

There are thermostats all over the house like this and the wallpaper is ripped off.

The couple, who signed an apartment sale two months ago for 500 million won, is estimated to be the cause of the refusal of the landlord's request for an increase.

When the apartment price jumped, I was anxious and notified the landlord by text saying, "I will send some of the balance in advance" and remit the middle payment.

[Apartment buyer: Only about a week left to complete the contract, but it is difficult in reality to get more than 50 million won in the meantime. I wish I could proceed with the contract (I said.)] It

was concluded that this apartment transaction was successful due to the payment of an intermediate payment, but the couple who dreamed of arranging my house had to postpone the moving schedule.

As the price of houses continues to rise and disputes over contract termination continue, a special agreement has emerged in the case of real estate contracts, saying,'Prevention of payment of intermediate payments before the contract date'.

(Video coverage: Choi Hak-soon UBC)