César and Jorge Cadaval, 'Los Morancos', at the door of the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá in Madrid.


Until the end of the year

, the

Teatro Nuevo Alcalá in Madrid hosts

El Desphase

, a new show by Los Morancos that analyzes the coronavirus crisis with its particular sense of humor.

Separated by three plastic screens, Los Morancos seem to speak from inside a jail, although in the course of the interview it is not known who the incarcerated and who the lawyers are.

"Let's say better then that we are a box office", reverts

Jorge Cadaval

(Seville, 1960), the oldest of the brothers in age and height, from inside the Nuevo Alcalá Theater in Madrid, where he will be with his brother César (Seville, 1964 ) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until December 20.

They represent the function

The offset

, a comedy that addresses what happened in a 2020 "nightmare" and that, precisely, is not bad at all in terms of ticket sales.

"We are delighted to return," says the youngest of the couple, "they have been a very hard few months and you notice that people really want to have fun, to applaud you and to have a good time.

Jorge always says that humor is the best vaccine that there are for these times, for the Covid and for everything

. And it is true ".

The new show was devised during the state of alarm.

Although the two brothers were in separate houses, they got to work together with the screenwriter

Lolo Seda

and created a show in which their popular characters, Antonia and Omaita, join different personalities from the country to prevent Los Morancos from separating.

"We began to see the movement that there was and, since everything was a gap, we called it that. Then we began to get involved with things and things and here we are, delighted with the response of the people," says Jorge, with his perfectly blonde hair hairstyle and a perennial smile.

In just a couple of minutes he tells you about his admiration for

La Chona

, the character created by the Canarian comedian

Lili Quintana

and then jumps to

Clint Eastwood

and the anecdote he starred in with his friend

Toby Keith

, to whom he revealed his secret to stay active at his age, and incidentally inspired him to compose the song for the film


(2018): "I don't have time to be old."


To leave the theater with a smile is very important,

" he emphasizes.

"To us,

that you forget everything in an hour and a half that the show lasts, it seems wonderful


Although they do not betray their motto of "whoever likes Los Morancos, knows what they are going to see", the creation of the work was influenced by themes so far from their comfort zone such as the suspension of all the country's festivals, the impossibility of hugging family members or uncertainty about the future.

"Psychologically, he has hit us all. We had not experienced such a thing. It has been very hard," acknowledges César.

But his intention now is to "de-force the virus."

"For us, we always comment on it, it

is an absolute responsibility that someone pays a ticket to see us,

" says his brother, something that the interpreter who breathes life into Omaita endorses.

"It has always happened to us. We give ourselves so that the public leaves satisfied. And we enjoy it a lot."

For this reason, they often extend the show much longer than expected.

Poster of 'El Desase', the new theater performance of Los Morancos.

Los Morancos were a television benchmark at the turn of the century.

But before those glorious 90s and 2000s, there was a time when they were the rookies, as they fondly recall.

"We missed him a lot. There was a good vibe, a family atmosphere ...", recalls César. "It was wonderful," says Jorge. "When we arrived in Madrid and debuted at the

Viva el 85



Fernando Navarrete

, we freak out.

On Spanish Television at that time the corridors were full.

We were some kids from a normal and working neighborhood.

And there they were

Miguel Bosé

, who was the pear at that time;

Raphael, Concha Velasco

... ". César expands his brother's list ("

Rocío Jurado, the very young Azúcar Moreno, Norma Duval

") and as if

it were



, the ball is picked up again by Jorge:" ¡ Norma Duval very young!

She was five months pregnant with one of her children. You said, where does she have the child?

He'll have it on his shoulder pad, because I can't even see his belly! "And one of the most memorable moments was" the banquets "that were organized in the studio where the bells were ringing." the mouth! ", they reveal.

The anecdotes are so many that they do not rule out preparing a documentary.

"We have it thinking," says the youngest of the comedians.

"We are there, trying a little of the life that we have led. There is much to teach, many documents and personal videos of the time."

"We have not realized the change of generation.

Now we are with the grandmother, with the father, with the daughter and with the grandson,

" says the eldest, who accidentally opens another of the places where the couple has not lost popularity, but gained it: YouTube.

"That makes people enter the new videos and end up watching the old performances. You can see in the visits that there is a


of young people who follow you around," says César.

"We're going to get in here, I think this works," Jorge remembers telling his brother and Lolo Seda about uploading material of his own creation on the platform.

The data indicate the success of the initiative.

Go a year old

, his parody of the

rich life



(and which incidentally promote the role) has exceeded half million visits in less than a week.

A greedy figure, but small compared to his greatest hits, such as his version of


(12 million views),

La Bicicleta

(14 million) or his great milestone,

Pluma Pluma Gay

, his popular version of the song

Dragostea Din. Tei

from the Moldovan group O-Zone, with more than

17 million visits


And that the video was uploaded in 2015, 13 years after the song debuted.


The key is in the naturalness

", affirms César.

"That's the best. In these kinds of stories, if you look for things, you can't find them," his brother replies.

In the end, both coincide in a reflection that they almost utter in unison: "

You can't like everyone, but we are clear that we have our stamp. We are what we are


And the public supports them.

In fact, there are hundreds of anecdotes of people who cross the street and approach them, either to take a picture, thank them or to tell them how they influence their lives in the most varied way: from the grandmother who assures that the granddaughter does not eat if she does not put a song of hers up to the lady who assures that the depression was cured with them.

"They are the best," they conclude.

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