It is common sense to wear a mask when riding a bus or subway.

However, there are still people who insist on not using it.

There was even hitting and cursing the taxi driver for wearing a mask.

This is G1 Park Seong-jun reporter.


Late in the evening, two drunk men get into a taxi.

The taxi driver tells a man who doesn't wear a mask to wear a mask.

[Taxi driver: Pay a fine.

You have to wear (mask) for the health of the guests.]

After a while, the man pours out abusive language and rant at the driving taxi driver.

He was trying to stop a man who was talking with his party without wearing a mask, threatening to intervene in the conversation, and even prying the knight's face and ears.

[Taxi passengers (voice modulation): Only drive straight.

Oh XX.


Stop.] The

driver stopped the car and called the police, but the man ran away.

The police found the man and charged him with assault within a week.

The taxi driver is complaining of extreme trauma.

[Taxi driver: I am currently attending a mental hospital.

At that time, the trauma was so strong that it caused a vase and the doctor said that I should seek more treatment...


Customers without masks may be denied boarding, but it is not easy on site.

There is often a flurry, and it is not in a position to cover the passengers because there are no customers.

In accordance with the mandatory mask wear policy applied from the 13th, a penalty of 100,000 won will be imposed if the mask is not worn on public transportation.