With the prolonged coronavirus outbreak, young people in their twenties are in crisis.

As the door to employment has narrowed and self-employed people close their doors one after another, the number of part-time jobs has decreased, and they are experiencing double or triple high school, including tuition and living expenses.

There are a number of young people living hard enough to give up their dreams and hopes due to the coronavirus outbreak of the job crisis.

A man in his twenties, who served as an airline flight attendant, was recently notified of dismissal.

The aviation industry was hit by the Corona 19 incident, and it went into a state of semi-forced leave from last February, but it was restructured last month due to business deterioration.

Due to the specificity of the aviation industry, re-employment in other fields is also difficult.

He submitted applications to several small and medium-sized businesses, but it was said that it failed.

Park Mo, who became a bad credit at the age of 20, made it difficult to find a job.

My mother said that she gave up in college and did delivery and delivery days because she couldn't pay for the hospital, but as the coronavirus outbreak prolonged, even paying rent has become difficult.

Getting high-interest loans to pay for hospital bills and monthly rent brought a vicious cycle.

It is becoming more difficult to move from class to class, and there are no conditions to do anything, so dreams are a luxury.

For the younger generation, the employment crisis can lead to not just jobs, but also housing, food, finance, and psychological crises.

According to the Health Insurance Corporation, the number of depression treatments in their 20s this year ranked second after their 60s, and the case of extreme choices or attempts was highest among all age groups in their 20s.

In fact, a college student who was thinking about getting a job last month and a flight attendant in their 20s who were laid off earlier this month made an extreme choice.

In this week's <News Story>, we will meet young people who have given up their dreams and hopes and are driven into crisis in the Corona era, and focus on measures for them.