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number of new corona19 confirmed cases in Korea announced yesterday (19th) was 343, recording 300 for two consecutive days.

The spread is fast outside the metropolitan area, but Suncheon City, Jeollanam-do, where the number of confirmed cases increased by nearly 60 within 10 days has raised its distance from 0 o'clock today to the second stage.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho reports.


Suncheon City has dramatically upgraded its social distancing from 0 am to the second stage.

As the COVID-19 infection spread out of control, it was the first time in the country to decide to raise the second stage.

[Heoseok/Suncheon Mayor: I would like to tell you that in order to prevent further economic losses, we had to keep tears and raise social distancing in the second stage.] As

social distancing has been upgraded to the second stage, gathering of five entertainment facilities is prohibited. Karaoke rooms, restaurants and cafes are closed after 9pm.

Schools are operated at the discretion of the education authorities based on a third of the classes they attend.

Unlike the first crisis in the summer, this second crisis in Suncheon is progressing quietly and rapidly.

During the first crisis, 64 confirmed cases occurred in 30 days, but this time, 58 people were already infected in 10 days.

In particular, confirmed cases in which the route of infection has not been identified are continuing in daily life.

As cohort quarantine continues, access to hospitals and rural villages where the group confirmed cases were released is restricted.

[Park Hong-Tae/Village Director: The whole village has been made into a large field.

Moreover, many elderly people live in our village.

It's a bit unfortunate in that regard.]

Suncheon City said it had upgraded to the second stage with a desperate heart, and asked citizens to refrain from unnecessary meetings or meetings.