It was revealed that a teacher at a daycare center in Ulsan said that he did not eat well and beat a 4-year-old child with a spoon and thrown it out of the classroom.

There was also a situation of abuse, such as pressing a finger on the back of a child who does not take a nap, so the police investigated.

This is UBC Bae Dae-won reporter.


Lunch break at a daycare center in Dong-gu, Ulsan.

When a 4-year-old girl bursts into tears without eating, the nursery teacher pulls him out roughly.

The child thrown out of the door, the teacher shuts the door as it is.

[Uncle A victim of the victim: Something dragged (child).

Some of them hit the head with a spoon.

Then there was something that was kicked out of the classroom.] They say that the

child's mother was threatened, not threatened, because she was a foreigner.

[Uncle A victim of the victim: (to the child's mother) I'm talking about'being punished' and'getting harder'.

Because I am a foreigner, (forced) leaving Korea is the most frightening thing.] When the

other four-year-old boy didn't take a nap, the nursery teacher sent him out of the corridor and left it unattended, and the situation was also revealed.

[Father of victim child Group B: At first, he drove me as a strange person, and after finding the video, he said,'Now I remember.

I'm sorry' (he said.)]

The daycare center did not respond to detailed information, although the allegations raised were different from the facts.

The police are investigating the teacher on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act.

There are only six daycare centers in Ulsan this year where the situation of child abuse was revealed.

Parents' anxiety is growing in the case of child abuse, which is said to be a day off.