This Monday opens the trial of Jonathann Daval, accused of the murder of his wife Alexia, which occurred in 2017. Europe 1 met the mother of the victim, Isabelle Fouillot, who will attend the hearing.

After more than three years of suffering, she is only waiting for the conviction of the murderer of her daughter.


After many reversals, Jonathann Daval had confessed to the murder of his wife Alexia, in 2017. His eagerly awaited trial opens this Monday before the assizes of Vesoul, in Haute-Saône.

At the microphone of Europe 1, the mother of the victim, Isabelle Fouillot, testifies to the violence of the aggression and hopes that the 36-year-old man will be sentenced to a heavy sentence.

Of course I will watch it.

"I still knew him for more than ten years, this murderer. He does not scare me, oh no", she says


- Daval case: Alexia's relatives convinced of her "slow poisoning"

"He really wanted to end Alexia. He really wanted her to die. I'm just waiting for the guilty word to be put on his head," she explains again.

According to Isabelle Fouillot, this trial should not provide more information on the circumstances of Alexia's death.

"Am I going to believe one word of what he is going to say? He has changed his version too much, I don't think I expect anything from him," she slips.

"15 punches" and "a four-minute choke"

In his head, the facts are clear.

She relates them in terms that are both simple and edifying on the frenzy that may have inhabited Jonathann Daval: "15 punches" and "a four-minute choke".

"He never comes to his senses, the will to kill is there," she exclaims.

"Why come to so many horrors?"

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