You can probably imagine the one who writes these lines wearing a brown raincoat, a wide-brimmed hat, and dark glasses.

The issue asks for it, although the matter of recording calls is no longer just a matter of private detectives and espionage services.

Depending on the moments and situations, recording the calls we make and receive on the mobile phone can be very useful, as long as the law allows it, let's clarify.

Always remember to follow the legal regulations of your country regarding call recording at all times.

It would also be convenient to inform the other person that it is being recorded since in Spain it is illegal to broadcast or use the recorded call without permission.

Integrated option

If you have a Xiaomi, you probably don't need to read this article since the Miui operating system includes this option natively.

When you make or pick up a call, in addition to the name and thumbnail of the contact, different options appear on the screen.

In the lower right, next to an icon shaped like a cassette tape (for new generations this icon is shaped like a rectangle with glasses), the option to Record appears.

After pressing it, our mobile phone will start recording the conversation, with surprising quality, which will stop automatically when we hang up or when we press the Record button again.

To play it, we will find it by accessing the Recorder application, list icon located at the bottom right and Recorded calls.

We will also find the recording from the File Manager.

From Android

Now comes the tricky part.

If you have Android 10 you are in luck because most likely you also have this option enabled natively, that is, integrated into the phone.

It works the same as in Xiaomi only that the icon, located in the same place, is shaped like a circle.

However, if you have an older version of the operating system, you will have to use third-party applications to record calls.

One of the best known is Call Recorder, simple and free that also integrates with Google Drive to automatically save recordings in the cloud.

Another of the most downloaded applications is Cube ACR that can also be used to record the audios of different applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Messenger.

Remember to grant all the permissions to the application so that it can work.

If any of the above applications have difficulty recording calls, try Call Recording - ACR.

It is a very simple application that stays in the background recording both incoming and outgoing calls, the only downside is that the quality is not very good since it uses the mobile microphone to record.

From the iPhone

In the case of having a terminal with the iOS operating system, restrictions to record calls are even more severe by Apple, since as we remembered at the beginning, in some countries it is illegal to record a call.

Even so, the picaresque always manages to cross all barriers and in this case, there are applications that use the microphone to record the call that comes out of the speakers or divert the call to an external service or to a third telephone number that acts as a bridge to Record.

So much complexity is paid, so the apps that we will talk about next are paid or require a subscription.

This is the case with RecMe, which even saves conversations in the cloud automatically if you configure it that way.

Another example is the HD Call Recorder app, which uses the conference trick, so you have to call from the application and add the phone number of the person you want to record.

Home methods

If all of the above seemed too sophisticated, you have the option of making yourself a 'Villarejo' of walking around the house by making the call hands-free (with the speaker) and recording the audio with another device.

It is enough to prepare the device with which you are going to record (another mobile or a recorder), call the person you want to record or pick up the call, activate the speaker of the mobile phone and the recorder application on the other device.

Check that the sound is as loud as possible and that both devices are close to each other.

Also, obviously, do not make noises while making the call since they will be recorded in the recording, as well as being perceptible to your interlocutor.

Apps to download

Call Recorder

Call Recorder - Cube ACR

Call recording - ACR

RecMe call recorder

HD call recorder

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