On October 30, 2017, Alexia Daval's body was found in a wood near Vesoul.

The young woman's husband, Jonathann Daval, confesses to femicide a few weeks later, after mourning the disappearance of his wife in front of the cameras.

While the trial of the alleged murderer opens to the Assizes, the psychiatrist and legal expert Daniel Zagury returns to this chilling act at the microphone of Europe 1. 


Jonathann Daval's trial opens on Monday before the Vesoul Assize Court near Besançon, in Haute-Saône.

The man is accused of having killed his wife Alexia Daval in 2017. After several weeks of investigation, he confessed to the facts during questioning by the police.

The psychiatrist and forensic expert Daniel Zagury was the guest of Europe Matin at 6:40 am to analyze the profile of Jonathann Daval. 

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Between his lies and his tears, who really is Jonathann Daval?

Three years ago, on October 30, 2017, Alexia Daval's body was found partially charred in a wood.

A few days later, her husband appears in tears in front of the cameras during a white march murmuring his few words: "my wife and I shared the same thirst for freedom, she was my first supporter, my oxygen".

He will however confess the feminicide, during an interrogation. 

He first sank into his lies

According to Daniel Zagury, this affair will take a particular turn, since "the whole of France had compassion for Jonathann Daval, this young, collapsed husband, so close to his parents-in-law".

Today, it is the lie that takes over.

"We are tempted today, by the opposite movement, to have the feeling of having been deceived and of having been cheated. Hence this tendency to attribute a blackness to it," he explains. 

A lie therefore, in which Jonathann Daval hid.

"He's kind of a dodger. He got his brother-in-law involved, he talked about a family pact. He got stuck in his lies in a pretty pathetic way. And he cracks in the face of it. a simple photo in the judge's office during a confrontation with his mother-in-law, who shows him a photo of Alexia with her cat. It only takes a moment like that in personalities who are not evil strongholds or psychopathic, who have, despite everything, a certain sensitivity and moments of guilt ", explains the psychiatrist and legal expert. 

This murder "goes against our common idea of ​​feminicide"

And when the psychiatrist Daniel Zagury compares the murder to other feminicides, he does not find the same acts.

"Indeed, it is difficult to understand how this shy young boy, with no history of violence, could have committed such an act, with a crime which would have involved four minutes of asphyxiation. So, all this goes against our common idea of ​​feminicide, that is to say with previous violence, warning signs, "he analyzes. 

"He said 'I was no longer me, I was beside myself, I wanted her to be silent'. (...) It must be understood that this is a moment of rupture in relation to the personality usual, ”he explains.

And this is what this forensic expert would like to understand at the trial: to know how Jonathann Daval was able to switch and kill Alexia Daval.