Russian Andalusian salad with tuna belly from Dani García (BIBO and Lobito de Mar).

We celebrate the World Day of this famous dish by reviewing some of the most acclaimed in the capital

It is one of the most popular dishes in bars and taverns.

It is served as a tapa, a portion to share and even as a main dish.

On the occasion of the celebration of its World Day (on November 14, coinciding with the death of its creator, Belgian chef Lucien Oliver, who created it in 1860 when he opened a haute cuisine bar in Moscow), we select

the best Russian salads from Madrid.


(Paseo de la Castellana, 52).

The Russian salad with fried quail eggs is one of the classics for tapas at Dani Garcia's BIBO restaurant.

Made with mashed potatoes, mayonnaise with extra virgin olive oil, tuna belly and a touch of fried quail eggs with garlic.

Price: 9 euros.

You can also order the Russian Andalusian salad (7 euros).



(Glorieta de Bilbao, 7)

Emblematic place to have tapas in Chamberí and where, of course, there is no lack of its classic salad

El Comercial

, to which prawns are added with garlic.

Price: 13.50 euros (with garlic prawns) and 6 euros (half portion of the classic one).

Commercial Coffee.


(Orellana, 6)

The Sevillian chef Guillermo Salazar offers two versions of Russian salad, with home-made pickled tuna and spider crab, ideal for an aperitif, accompanied by a vermouth, or a snack at any time.

Price: from 4.50 euros (the cover) and 10.50 euros (whole portion).

Orellana House.


(Rapporteurs, 20).

The salad of this place includes fried shrimp and pays special attention to mayonnaise, made with extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety.

Price: from 8.50 euros.

The Malaje.


(Alberto de Alcocer, 46).

Chef José Antonio García's traditional Russian season tuna salad incorporates pickled sea bass into the recipe, which tremendously enhances the flavor.

Price: 13.50 euros.

New Gerardo.


(Hernani, 48).

Potatoes, carrots, peas, eggs, tuna belly, mayonnaise and a special ingredient make their Russian salads one of the most famous in Madrid.

Price: from 2 euros (the cover).

The fifth wine.


(Narváez, 68).

The classic salad of a lifetime that is served with or without bonito.

Price: 9 euros.

Rafa Bar.


(Menéndez Pelayo, 15).

Flavors of Ibiza in the capital with innovative dishes, such as the Russian tuna salad, served with frozen egg yolk and wheat leather from Salamanca.

With an original presentation (it is served inside a payesa matrioshka), it can be enjoyed to go.

Price: 11 euros.

Sa Brisa.


(Carlos Caamaño, 3).

Another classic, without complications: potatoes, carrots, boiled egg and tuna (also included in the daily menu).

Price: 10.90 euros.



(Recoletos, 4).

The secret of the Carmen salad (that's what it is called, by its author) lies in using a lot of eggs and bonito.

It is garnished with piparras.

Price: from 7.50 euros (half portion).

Pedraza Tavern.


(Montalbán, 3).

The classic recipe is made with hand-chopped vegetables, tuna in oil and pickled, and mayonnaise dressed with mustard.

Price: from 5 euros the half portion.

Pedro's Tavern.


(General Pardiñas, 34).

In the Treze bar, the owners' salads compete: Elena Ursu's has a base of potato, carrot and pea to which is added sweet mustard, sweet and sour pickle and German sausage, and finished with boiled egg yolk and white and pepper piquillo;

Saúl's, uses the same base but incorporates tuna belly, olives, starter roe and truffle.

Price: 6 euros, half portion.

According to the criteria of

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