Today on November 13th is exactly 50 years since the death of Jeon Tae-il's death.

After his last cry that workers are not machines, workers' rights, although still lacking, have progressed little by little.

At today's memorial service, a medal that the government ordered after 50 years to Tae-il Jeon was dedicated.

First, reporter Jeon Hyeong-woo.


It has already been 50 years since he became self-confident by accusing him of poor labor conditions.

[Lee Suho/Chairman of Jeon Taeil Foundation: Observe the Labor Standards Act, we are not machines.

It was the last cry of Comrade Taeil Jeon, who became a flame.

It was a human declaration.]

Mugunghwajang, ordered by the government, was dedicated to the cemetery.

This is the first time as a laborer to receive the Mugunghwa Medal, the highest grade among the national medals.

However, some workers who were desperate at the reality of labor without improvement and opposed the direction of the revision of the labor relations law being promoted by the government also broke out.

[Decoration is deception. Stop labor reform.] A

number of Jeon Tae-ils who have left our side after working in the seldom changing labor field have been called.

[Lim Bora/Somdolhyangrin Church Pastor: Jeon Tae-il becomes Kim Jin-su and Kim Kyung-sook. Become Kim Jong-tae, Park Jong-man, Hong Ki-il, and Park Young-jin. He became Kim, who died while fixing the screen door of Guui Station. Comrade Kim Yong-gyun, who died at the Taean Thermal Power Plant. As Comrade Jeffrey, a Filipino migrant worker. As a non-regular worker. As a special employment worker. Jeon Tae-il in 2020 bears the name and face of another worker and is dying today.] Let

all workers be subject to the Labor Standards Act, and those who are not recognized as workers can union and work without dying.

This “Jeon Tae-il 3 Law”, which inherited the spirit of enthusiasm, is stopped at the threshold of the National Assembly.

50 years ago, the cry of enthusiasts is still unfinished.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol·Lee Seung-hwan, video editing: Lee So-young)  

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