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addition to the accident we just told you, there are a lot of accidents related to electric kickboards recently.

However, the regulation will loosen significantly from the 10th of next month.

I'm worried about this, but when we looked into what kind of discussions came and went when we were deregulating, it was confirmed that the concerns about'safety' were missing.

Reporter Jang Hoon-kyung reports.


In September 2018, when the controversy about the safety of electric kickboards arose, the government promised to come up with safety measures for electric kickboards by June of the following year.

Since it is dangerous to walk only on the roadway, the key was to make the bike path available.

[Dong-yeon Kim/ Deputy Prime Minister of the Economy at the time (September 2018): There was such a problem that driving was restricted in certain areas (bicycle roads), but there is a plan to establish reasonable standards for safety, products, and driving of such personal mobile devices ( .)]

Several lawmakers initiated the bill and discussed it in the National Assembly.

In November 2018, the first subcommittee for legal review and discussion was held on hold due to disagreement between ministries, and then a TF was created in which relevant government agencies participate.

However, the agreement was only made in May of this year while passing over each other over which ministry will lead the safety standards.

Even that, rather than comprehensive safe driving measures, we decided to view and manage electric kickboards as electric bicycles so that bicycle roads can be passed.

[Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport officials: Whenever a new form of transportation comes out, is it right to discuss who (Ministry) is and how to do it?

.] The

bill reflecting the TF proposal was passed by the National Assembly without any objection.

Anyone over the age of 13 can run on the roadway as well as on the bike path without a license.

Among the revised provisions, many point out whether it is appropriate to identify electric kickboards with bicycles.

Unlike electric bicycles where the user sits and rides with a low center of gravity, the electric kickboard, which stands and rides, has a high center of gravity and has a small wheel, making it easy to shake and fall even on small bumps, but the safety measures unique to the electric kickboard that reflect this characteristic are omitted.

[Jeho Jeon/Samsung Traffic Safety Research Institute: There are similar parts in the principle of operation (with electric bicycles), but there is a big difference in structure.

If the accident of an electric kickboard is considered, follow-up measures are necessary (it is a necessary situation.)] In the

21st National Assembly, a law was proposed to make safety measures for electric kickboards supervised by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. I can see it.

(Video editing: Choi Hye-young, VJ: Lee Jun-young)